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Well I suppose this will be my first post in yet another attempt to start blogging again. I thought I would dedicate this first post to introducing me myself and I. Most of you might know me by the name Chiaki, though, I am not Japanese hence why it is only just a nick name. My friends would therefore call me by my given name, Hanna. I am an recently graduated Art Student from Sweden who has a passion for digital art, painting as well as creativity in general.
I love fantasy and if I had a choice I would definately move to my own alternative universe (sneak peek in Haze of War, my first "Art Book") or to J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth. Japanese Pop Culture is another thing which is close to my heart and despite the fact that it has faded a bit during the years, I am sure it will never leave my side completely. ♥ Japanese is by far the most beautiful language in my opinion. As perhaps some of you have already guessed I amvery facinated and  inspired by the Japanese style Gyaru, as well as some Japanese street fashion when it comes to makeup and personal style (which i see as an art form as well).
My big aspirations in life for now are to become a concept artist and/or write my own book which I am currently to call Haze of War.^^ I hope you are all willing to stay and follow a part of my journey through life. Lots of hugs to you all ~ ^-^

Here is my most recent selfie.^^

Down below you can see some of my own digital art work.


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