iPad Air 2 Painting Attempt - Tiger


This weekend I borrowed my moms touch pen used for tablets. I have never used a tablet to draw or paint on before so it was quite a challenge to begin with, though the end result turned out better than expected. I wont even need the oh so popular Wacom Cintiq now that I can work with my own iPad. I have been working in the app ProCreate, would you suggest anything else then please leave a comment. Next step is to get a pen with pen pressure.^^
This is the end result. For being the first time on this kind of device and without pen pressure which I am used to I am pretty satisfied. The whole prosess was also recorded so heads up for a speedpainting in the near future!

Postat av: Emma Engström

Men så snyggt! :D

2015-09-09 @ 21:23:04
URL: http://engstromemma.devote.se

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