Fall Cold


I woke up this morning feeling a bit off, I thought the reason behind this was TOO MUCH sleep, but no... I went to my regular NerdCon Umea meeting which we have every Sunday at 1pm, I felt fine and as always I had a good time with the awesome gang. After walking home and enjoying the colors of fall I suddenly got super tired. I did not even want to draw... I felt like everything was against me and the simplest of problem (like for example; having problem login in to my Skype account) made me drained out of energy. My energy got so low I had to go downstairs and watch some TV, which I usually never do, and that's when my body started to ache. My arms, legs, head, and back is now hurting, even my fingers... I am freezing cold though I am wearing a hoodie, scarf and a beanie, I am even wrapped up in a blanket. :c

Postat av: Linn Strömberg

So beautifuuuul! <3

2015-09-14 @ 09:33:29
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Postat av: Iz

sv: Tack så mycket!!
Krya på dig

2015-09-14 @ 10:23:02
URL: http://berikas.blogg.se
Postat av: Skogsraah ☾

Så fin du är!

2015-09-14 @ 10:30:39
URL: http://skogsraah.se

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