What I have been up to lately


Long time no see... I have nothing to blame but myself for this bad update... Lately I have started stuying for my drivers license and continued to to work on small art projects etc. I hope I will be able to update more frequently now.^^

This morning I woke up super early to go to the dentist and since then I have have mostly studied and chilled out on my bed with Sasha.♥
Is she not just super adorable!?



Guess what? I just launched my own website! www.chiakiart.com, there you can check my portfolio out, as well as find information about commissions.^^ I would still like to give it some updates but so far so good I suppose. More information about commissions will soon be up here too.
Hope you are all having a great day.

Ecchi Ecchi

Wow, I have not painted manga in such a long time. It used to be what I drew daily, that is no longer the case now adays. Also it is the first time I am drawing ecchi .... ehe´ Also I used my own little alpaca (he is called Bertil the Chinese Overlord fyi) as a refference, alpacas are amazing.

Hope you'll enjoy this cutie anyway.^^