So, remember I did a post about dyeing my hair? The process has started! Yesterday it took me less than a minute from idea to process to start putting dye in my tips again. I used to have this pink-purpleish color in my hair back this winter but for some reason I stopped putting the dye in. So this was super impulsive but I am already so happy with my hair again, to think so little can do so much huh?^^


Plans of Change

Something which I get easily tired of and love to change up is definitely my hair color. The bright summer sun has turned my hair super light brown and to be honest I am not super happy with my current hair color. It is just not for me. I am thinking of going to the more ashy side and perhaps even grey. I would love some pink dipdye there too since well, who does not love fun hair colors? Plus, as you have probably already guessed I love pink. ^^
Love all of these!