Inspiration - WLOP & Ghostblade

One of my absolute favorite artist at the moment is for sure the hobbyist digital artist Wang Ling also known as WLOP.
Both his art style and choice of theme is just so appealing to me. Sort of sketchy and rough yet clear and smooth. How I wish I had his talent, one day you guys, just you watch me! Also I love how he works with light and perspective. AMAZING.

WLOP also has his own web comic called Ghostblade. Check it out! It inspires me to perhaps make my own web comic aswell. I need to touch up on my story though, a lot of work will gave to be put into it,
More of WLOP
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Plans of Change

Something which I get easily tired of and love to change up is definitely my hair color. The bright summer sun has turned my hair super light brown and to be honest I am not super happy with my current hair color. It is just not for me. I am thinking of going to the more ashy side and perhaps even grey. I would love some pink dipdye there too since well, who does not love fun hair colors? Plus, as you have probably already guessed I love pink. ^^
Love all of these!