Week in Flen full of Adventures


I am now home again after an fantastic week in Flen! Amazing people, stunning nature, cute animals lots of movies. Julia, Disa, Oskar and I spent a lot of time watching movies, resulting in me finally finishing all the Star Wars movies. I do now want to become a Jedi. We have been baking everything from 
chocolate balls to uhm... the most fabulous hedgehog cake. Me and Julia went horse back riding out in the woods where I found the love of my life. Medieval Market with tournaments, cosy promenades including ancient rune stones. Loads of laughter, creative sculpting, drawing, and spooky ghost stories right before bed time. Thank you all for letting me stay with you, I am soon to return, everything has been amazing. I even got eggs from their own hens.
Feels a bit weird to be home. I guess everything is going back to "normal"... My family has already started school and work and here I am, trying to figure my life out.


PACKING DAY. Tomorrow morning I am taking the flight down to Stockholm and then transfering to the train to get to my final destination, Flen. I will be staying at Julia and Disa's house and I am just so excited. Since I live so far away from them I only get to meet up like 1-3 times a year if we are lucky. This summer has been a bit off for me since I just graduated etc. so we thought I would actually go visit their home this time. From what I have heard I can just imagine it to be super beautiful! We already have a lot of plans. Of course I will bring my camera with me but I do not know how great of a update I will be able to bring you all.
Hope you all are having a great day! Lots of hugs and kisses.

Cottage Night with Darlings

Spent today's afternoon with my darlings. We ate tacos and watched The Little Mermaid, oh the nostalgia! I am probably super Swedish but I love spending time out in our cottage, it is so relaxing and I truly love being close to nature. We had a great time but all three of us got super tired so we went back to town pretty early in the evening.^^
Just look at this fantastic view!